Kidney Functions and Diseases

A kidney process about 400 quarts of blood a day t shift out about 21 quarts of waste products which leaves the body as what we call urine. The urine drains from the kidneys into the bladder through larger tubes called ureters. a kidney located nesr the middle of the back right about where your elbow is placed, just below the rib cage to the left and right of the spene. For those who dont know, there are 2 kidneys in our body which makes it easier to get kidney diseases.

There are many kidney diseases and one of them that effects most people is glomerula disease which is infered with kidney functions. It damages the glomeruli and lets protur and red blood cells leak into the urine. Some of the symptoms of that disease are; large amounts of protien in the urine, blood in the urine, inefficient filtering of waste from he blood, low blood protiens and swelling in parts of the body.

A kidney disease is usually caused by a direct rsult of an infection or a drug toxic to the kidneys or a disease that affects the entire body, like diabetes on lupus. There are no cures for kidney disease but thee are medications that can help, and there are organizations that support them such as ” the national kidney foundation”. If you would want to help people with kidney diseases the best way would be to donate a kidney. They have proven that it is safe and thousands of people have saved lives doing that. you can go to a hospital near you and become an organ donor.

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