Global Warming: The Controversy And Its Impacts

Global warming is an urgent issue; moreover, there exists a controversy on whether humanity or nature is the cause, and the scientists who consider this serious matter are entirely correct because humans are at fault. For the past couple of decades, researchers and scientists have gone head to head in attempting to figure out if global warming does exist. Some people argue against the point and some people may support it. The facts supporting human responsibility are there; however, some people do not tend to believe them, while others do.

Professor Ian Palmer, a geologist and professor of earth sciences, tries to convince people that nature is the main cause of global warming, and he uses his authority to create this false impression to Orca people into quick judgments. He also makes a hasty generalization in stating that “global warming and a high CO content bring prosperity and lengthen your life (Gleeson 1 71 Palmer thinks that just because the air people breath is made up of carbon dioxide and that it is good for one’s body, is a quick personal judgment.

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Lisa Coco, on the other hand, who is a High Meadows Post-Doctoral Science Fellow at EDP gets straight to the point when she states that, “scientists are more confident than ever that humans are responsible (“Hove,/’). ” Although many scientists are scholarly individuals, there exist so many different scientific viewpoints on the topic that it becomes difficult to know whom to believe. The statements before are only of modern scientists; however, some scientists from the sass’s have argued the same viewpoint: global warming is a byproduct of humans, not nature itself.

For example, in the year 1 864 a Scottish physicist named James Scroll made a statement saying “earth’s orbit could trigger ice ages by changing how and where the sun’s energy fell on the planet. ” In 1896, a Swedish chemist named Savant Awareness was the first of all scientists to create a hypothesis stating hat humans are at the root for the causation of global warming. His evidence was that humans are creating greenhouse gases such as CO and water vapor, which absorb heat, which in correlation, leads to the planet’s temperature rises. Another scientist named Guy Calendar had emphasized the same point.

Calendar, an English inventor researched and found in his studies that “humans had added about 150 billion tons of CO into the atmosphere since the sass’s (Weeks). ” Since the year 1810, the CO levels have risen from 270 parts per million (pimp) to about pumps in 201 0 (Gleeson). All these scientists share similarities, in that they are all on the search of whether global warming really does exist. However, these scientist share differences also. Those differences are that some scientists believe that humans have caused this issue, while others believe that this issue was caused by nature itself.

The world has different perspectives on who is right and who is wrong, and with so many people using their own opinions, it makes it difficult to discover the truth, although, one point is correct and that being humans are at fault for the cause of global warming. Although global arming is seen as an incident caused by humans, some scientist may find it to be nature’s fault. William M. Gray a Professor of Atmospheric Science, states in his research that, “human kind has little or nothing to do with the recent temperature changes (Bill 58). Gravy’s supportive evidence is that the earth, every year, has its own temperature fluctuations resulting in temperature changes to occur. Another support of evidence that Gray uses is that nature causes most of these global warming incidents to occur. Humans have no effect upon the earth because they make up a small amount of the resource of the cause of global warming. He also asserts that most of these temperature changes have been seen in the past 25 years and are just being seen all over again today.

This may be true because temperature fluctuations do occur on a year-to-year basis and it is right for Gray to make this point. Although Professor Gray may be correct about his idea for temperature fluctuations, it may be true that humans have a great effect on the planets temperatures also. Over the past hundred years the ocean waters have been absorbing more and more carbon dioxide. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution to now, the ocean’s acidity levels have risen up to an overwhelming amount of about 30 percent, due to the cause of humans emitting more and more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The world’s oceans, however, absorb all of this carbon dioxide, but then also release some of it back into the air (“Evidence”). Nature itself can be blamed, but humans have emitted more CO than any other group of species in the world. Trees on the other hand, have helped get rid of CO since they absorb it and replenish the air with oxygen for humans to breathe. One ‘tree can absorb up to 48 pounds of carbon per year and can hold up to one ton by the time it is 40 years old (Evans). This fact supports the idea that nature cannot be put at fault for the cause of global warming, because trees are used to get rid of CO in the world, they do not create it. Another important fact is that trees give oxygen to “support up to four humans” a day (Ibid). However, humans are always cutting down trees for materials such as cardboard boxes, paper and more. If trees are being destroyed, then there is more carbon dioxide that will continue to build up. Once there is more CO in the atmosphere the tougher it would be to clean it.

Evidently, all these facts support the idea that nature cannot be put at fault for such an issue. Scientist may believe that nature is at fault for climate change; however humans are more to blame. The most common and well-known issue caused by humans is that they create dangerous greenhouse gases when they are burning fossil fuels. Research shows that most of the earth’s atmosphere has been effected merely due to the cause of humans burning fossil fuels. This has become one of the really major “scientific, social and economic issues of he twenty first century (Johannes 1; Muslin 1). Many scientists also agree to the fact that greenhouse gases created through the use of burning fossil fuels are the problem. And the most important information to know is that humans create these greenhouse gases also. Evidently, the article “Causes” states that, “most climate scientists agree that the main cause of the current global warming trend is human expansion of the “greenhouse effect. ” Although global warming may or may not be real; there are a lot of issues that could arise leading to many dangerous situations.

The first issue being; heat in the oral has a correlation with well-known human deaths. During the time of the year when the temperatures rise up, many bugs such as mosquitoes begin their hunt for humans. John T. Houghton, author of Global Warming: The Complete Briefing believes that global warming will accelerate the spread of diseases from the tropics to the middle latitudes (Houghton CTD. In Bruce). Some people may think that CO is good; however, what they may not know is that in the long run it is not. Studies show that with increased temperatures, plants may become more fertilized.

Due to the cause of plants coming more fertilized, many bugs begin to show, and these bugs are usually carriers of deadly diseases. Over the past 15 years, over 58 percent of deaths have occurred from diseases such as “Malaria, dengue, yellow fever and cholera (Epstein CTD. In Bruce. )” Temperature changes are not a safe thing, because they cause death and creation Of more deadly diseases. Another important issue is that temperature rises may exterminate all of humanity. Studies show that as the temperatures change from 1 to 2 degrees Celsius would result in “floods, droughts and also infectious diseases.

Most of these issues in this category have already been seen in the state of California such as drought. If the temperature change increases from 2 to 3 degrees than the worst case scenario would be sea levels rising to about “74 CM high in the next 100 years” and also there will be “extreme rainfalls”. As the temperatures change from 3 to 4 degrees, the world will see many major species go extinct. As temperatures continue to rise, millions of people will begin to suffer from water droughts and there will also be significant amounts of human deaths that will occur.

If these temperature changes continue, the worst-case scenario is that the world will be wiped clean of its nature and especially humanity. Whether global warming is or is not true, there are still many problems that are resulting from temperature changes. The path that earth is on at this moment is really dangerous. The amounts of carbon dioxide on this planet has already reached up to about 450 parts per million since the year 2010. The amount of fossil fuels already burned has exceeded 40 billions of tons. Talking about temperature changes, the temperature has changed from -. 4 to . Nice the year 1 890 to the year 2010 and is still rising (Gleeson). People keep emitting more and more carbon dioxide into the air without a clue about what the side effects are. The planet has not reached the level of advanced technology to where it would make it easy for them to get rid of CO entirely, but they do have the technology to slowly remove it; however, it will be really expensive to support. Although, many countries might not have the technology or money, they have still invested a smaller sum in contributing towards a healthier and more air refreshing lifestyle.

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