Global warming

To persuade Specific Purpose: After listening to my speech, audience members will be aware of global warming and take steps to reduce the effects. Thesis: The consequences of global warming jeopardizes the current and future generation. Introduction . Attention getter : Comparison of the globe decades ago and now II. Thesis statement Ill. Preview of main points Body I.

What are the factors of global warming? A. Pollution Gases include CO , Methane, Nitrous oxide, CUFF and etc, * Most of this as been influenced by industrialization which results in emission of gases like CO * China, among the leading industrialized countries that contribute to global warming. B. Deforestation * High population growth * Trees once present they absorb the CO released by burning of fossil fuels. The growth of world population has led to cutting down trees (deforestation) so as to expand settlements and higher demand for timber for domestic purposes.

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