Global warming

The Greenhouse effect is a natural process that warms the Earth’s surface. When the Sun’s rays reaches the planets atmosphere, some of which is reflected back to space and the rest is absorbed and irradiated by greenhouse gases. Some of the most common greenhouse gases include water vapor, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, and Carbon Dioxide. This process warms the atmosphere and surface of the Earth. It maintains the temperatures that are livable. Carbon Dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas emitted through human activities.

It is released into the atmosphere every time we burn fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal. In a natural carbon cycle, Carbon dioxide is re- absorbed by plants and trees. However, the rate in which humans are burning fuels is too fast for plants to absorb and convert into breathable air. The main source of emissions is electricity. Electricity is a vital source of energy for any human development. It is used to power homes, factories, and businesses. The burning of fossil fuels to produce electricity is the largest single source of Carbon emissions in the world.

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The type of fossil fuel used to generate electricity varies and give off different amounts of Carbon Dioxide. This example of human activity has altered the system and the way the arbor cycle operates. Trees play a huge role in the carbon cycle. They convert the Carbon Dioxide in the air to oxygen, through photosynthesis, and in this process, they can be seen as a natural regulator of the carbon dioxide. The more trees, the less Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. With carbon becoming more abundant due to human development.

It is vital that trees fulfill their role in environment and take some excess carbon out of the air. However, with the need of land by human development and expansions, deforestation has had and continues to have a tremendous effect on the main issue. Deforestation s the process in which trees too many trees are being cut down. A great example of this is the Amazon Forest. Within a short span of 26 years, it went from a dense and thick layer of green forest teeming with life, to a dark and empty area with nothing but the ashes. Millions of acres are being cut down each day.

Trees are 50% CO, so when deforestation takes place the carbon dioxide is released. When multiple trees are cut down, it could be released at least 25 times. The increase in population has also affected global warming. With more people comes the use of transportations such as cars, boats, planes, etc. The ambition of fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel to transport people and products is one of the largest sources of Carbon emission. Aviation causes 3. 5% of global warming while land transportations accounts for the quadruple of the amount.

Car engines use up to 600 million gallons of gas just by sitting in traffic. Vehicles with poor gas mileage contribute even more than regular cars. This is very common in many countries such as India and China with populations of over 1 billion. In recent survey China ranks the first place for carbon emission with 7. 03 million tons of carbon dioxide, which accounts for 23. % of the world’s Carbon emission. The warming of our earth is clearly not a good thing. Global Warming will cause numerous problems, with the carbon cycle stated above as an example, to the environment.

This in return will hurt the human population. The warming of our planet will make landscapes harsher which fall make it harder for plants to nurture and survive. If there aren’t many plants then animals such as our livestock won’t have sufficient food to consume causing them to starve and die. As a result people will have a shortage of food both meat and vegetables, therefore people will die from starvation just as the lands and the animals did. Changes in climate and weather patterns will also be affected and most certain be the main issue.

The air and water will heat up causing an increase in temperature therefore it will trigger storms and natural disasters. For example, the warm waters will make hurricanes and cyclones much more powerful and more frequent. These natural disasters will destroy existing cities and will make it more difficult to rebuild new ones. The heat will also melt the polar ice caps and raise the sea levels creating storms and floods. All of that fresh and drinkable water will be contaminated. The human population will suffer because of all this.

The lack of natural resources and daily necessities will make survival harder for humans. All of those problems will put governments in debt leading to financial crisis and other economical issues. Fortunately, just as humans created or aided the problem, we can also fix it. Finding an alternative natural and clean energy that can meet the standards Of our daily needs is essential. With current technology, renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and geothermal can provide of our electricity. It is a much cleaner and natural way of producing energy and can lessen the output of carbon dioxide levels by a lot.

Fuel- efficient vehicles use less gas to travel the same distance as the less efficient counterparts. By burning less fuel, we generate fewer emissions. When emission decreases, the pace of global warming slows and decreases. Befouls are a great example. It is made from organic materials like corn, grass, and other agricultural waste and also has the potential to provide the same amount of fuel needs. Advance befouls made from grass, wood waste, and even garbage offer much greater savings. If this type of products were more commercially used, it would greatly reduce the carbon emissions as well s pollution from the smoke.

In conclusion, Humans do contribute to global warming through emitting excessive amounts of carbon dioxide from transportations and industries everyday. Deforestation has worsened the effect of global warming and even disrupted the carbon cycle and even the ecosystem, which depends heavily in it. Just as we created the problems, we can also fix it. Through the use of renewable and clean energy, we can greatly reduced the levels of carbon emission therefore creating a much more safer and cleaner environment for us and for future generations to live in.

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